Mastering the Art of Coffee ™

Bob and Julia then....

The last time that Julia Child joined us in Northampton for the United Way fundraiser Books and Cooks her appearance coincided with the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition of her cooking classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

She arrived at the event on time, mid-afternoon, having spent the morning in Washington, DC testifying before Congress about on-boat shrimp processing regulations (one of the food issues/abuses that she was outspoken about).

Knowing that Julia loved her coffee, and preferred it dark and rich, we at Cooks Shop Here  created a blend especially for her and named it ‘Mastering the Art of Coffee’. ™  We were to serve it to her and all attendees, for the first time, in her honor that evening.

About 5:00 she caught wind of the fact that coffee was ready-to-serve and asked one of her escorts to find out if she could have an advance cup, and we said ‘sure’!

At one point later that evening we looked up across our table and there she was, with her cup & saucer in hand, coming back for what turned out to be her third cup! She was so excited about the coffee, and wanted to know what it was. We told her that we had created it just for her, for that evening, so it was ‘her blend’  Mastering the Art of Coffee.™

She was really touched and loved the whole idea of it. She told us that no one had ever created a coffee blend for her before. Right then and there we decided to add it to our repertoire, and we have been offering it ever since. Thousands of happy coffee drinkers have been enjoying ‘her blend’ for these last 10 years!

Tonight, November 1st 2010, Cooks Shop Here will be serving Julia’s coffee again to attendees at the WGBY/Museums10 benefit The French Connection: A Gala Tribute to Julia Child and Charlotte Turgeon at the Hotel Northampton in Northampton, MA.

In honor of Charlotte Turgeon, who was a passionate tea drinker and legendary afternoon tea hostess, we have created a spicy black tea blend that we have named Indochine. The style of the tea blend and its name is a nod to a time in the 20th century when Oriental goods and foods, tea in particular, were especially fashionable at well-heeled social gatherings in the West.


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