Mad Hatter Tea ®

Illustration by Angel Dominguez

Lewis Carroll would be pleased to know that his league of strange notables has come alive again via the creative genius of Tim Burton. In honor of the wonderful madness that is the story of Alice, and especially to pay tribute to the famous and nonsensical tea party scene with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse, we have created our newest tea – Mad Hatter Tea ®

Would the Mad Hatter approve, you ask ? Most definitely, we say. With the utmost logic in mind ( to counter-balance the complete disregard of such by the namesake character ) we crafted this tea to be fun and fanciful. How so, you ask ? Elemental, we say. Set your own tea party table and see what we mean.

Fine black tea  establishes the base for a visually colorful and multi-textured blend of fruits, flowers and sensory wonderment. A lush, rejuvenating aroma demands to share the spotlight with the fine, intriguing appearance of the blend.

In other words, it is a madcap, celebratory mixture with a wealth of flavor and scent: fun and merriment in every cup. Eye candy that tastes good, too, and tea that really is, well, tea.

Click here to read more about our Mad Hatter Tea ®:

Illustration by Gwynedd M. Hudson, 1922



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