A Win in the Bronze Category for Me


No, I am not talking about an OLYMPIC win, but a win in the recent Japan National Tourism Organization ”Visit Japan” Contest

Entires were solicited in two categories: original composition and photography. In each category the prizes were:

3 Grand Prizes : airfare to Japan
4 Gold Prizes:hotel accommodations or day tours in Japan
5 Silver Prizes: discount travel voucher on air travel to Japan
10 Bronze Prizes: Visit Japan goodie bag with maps, regional Japan guides, a slick pair of chopsticks, etc.

I entered a photograph of a stunning 400 year-old Oribe tea bowl and supplied the required 201 character caption for the image.

This is the photograph and the caption that I entered.

This 400-year old Oribe tea bowl, still in the service of a Japanese tea master, is a powerful cultural image. It ’s confident bearing and full-presence fuels my desire to visit Japan to study traditional ceramics styles, shapes and technique.

I was told that over 6,000 people entered the contest. I am thrilled that my image of this oversized, slipper-shaped chawan owned by Master Sen So’Oku ( Sen Masayoshi ) Zuiensai, 15th Generation Heir to the Mushakoji-Senke School of Tea resonated so well with the judges.

Click here to visit the Japan National Tourism Organization webiste: http://www.japantravelinfo.com/2010

Arigato Gozaimasu


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