Waldorf Astoria Hotel


Staying in this grand art deco hotel is a wonderful way to get in touch with the glorious history of this amazing city. The Waldorf was built in 1931 and immediately became a beacon of style and grace. Since then, dignitaries and illuminaries, presidents and royalty have stayed in the hotel’s lavish suites, and countless charity balls and debutante parties have come to pass in many of the hotel’s elaborately decorated, European-treasure-house inspired ballrooms.

Walking through the hotel is tracing the steps of history –  architectural details from the Art Deco period when the hotel was built are evident throughout the lobby and public spaces. The grandure of the hotel is not diminshed by time, but rather underscores the elegance and importance that New York exemplies.

The lobby shops contain splendid displays of jewels and antique treasures.



However, modernity does intrude. We were awakened in the middle of Friday night by the shrill sounds of the hotel’s fire alarm. By the time the reality of what was happening set in, we could hear room doors around us opening and slamming shut and fellow guests running down the hall. As we raced to get dressed and grab essentials such as camera and laptop, the alarms continued. Just as we were ready to leave our room, a voice came over the floor intercom ( who knew there were such intercoms ? ) announcing that the alarm system was malfunctioning and all guests should return to their rooms. Relief brought an easy return to sleep.


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