Gotham Bar and Grill, NYC


We love this restaurant, and in fact, look forward to dining here when we are in the city. The restaurant space is open, airy and not overwrought and the service is warm, efficient and never-in-your-face or lax.  Neither tries to complete with the food, but both simply compliment the food.

Right now, Gotham is featuring a $25.00 prix fixe Anniversary Celebration luncheon special which is a great deal. The selections on the menu are highlight dishes from days past and present in this successful restaurant’s history. In this era when many restaurants appear to be feeling the pinch of the current economic upheaval, this restaurant was bustling. Alfred Portale, the owner and Executive Chef at Gotham is not only an accomplished chef but a smart businessman.

This is what we chose from the menu:


roasted black plum salad

grilled New York steak w/Bordelaise sauce

Gotham chocolate cake with basil-chocolate chip ice cream



carrot soup w/shrimp garniture

roasted haddock

trio of sorbets: strawberry-watermelon; apricot -pineapple; cucumber-lime



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