Getting Ready for the 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show NYC


This weekend Bob and I will be in the Big Apple for the Fancy Food Show. This will mark our 30th attendance as buyers at this premier food show, and we love re-connecting with colleagues, vendors and old friends in this joyful atmosphere of glorious food stuffs from around the world.

This time we will also be working as we are presenting two educational seminars; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I guess that is what happens if you hang around long enough – they put you to work !

Kidding aside,  we love the educational aspect of our job.  Bob has been presenting a dynamic seminar for NASFT (with a colleague ) for a few years titled: Fundamentals of Specialty Food Retailing, which he will deliver again. It is a very worthwhile seminar for anyone thinking about opening a specialty food store, and who would like the inside skinny on the pros and cons, pitfalls and benefits, etc. to operating what for many is a dream-come-true business.

Yes, Bob gets to tell everyone that running a specialty food store is harder than it appears and yes, the owner(s) should plan on working in their store and not just hand the business off to managers ( if he or she wants to still be in business a year from now or have any savings left in the bank).

Our Tea Tasting: A Primer seminar will cover as much basic information about the six classes of tea as we can fit into one fast-paced 90 minute time-slot. We will feature a PowerPoint presentation of photographs from our tea buying trips, build a good foundation lesson about the cultivation and manufacture of tea, and taste and discuss 7 premium teas. We did this in San Francisco and everyone had a good time. I think that attendees will move through the rest of their day a little faster and place many more orders after sipping 7 cups of tea !

Thirty years worth of Fancy Food Shows means exposure to a vast quantity of foods, companies and amiable characters from near and far that influenced and educated us along our food journey. Many of these memorable folks helped to shape our store into what it is today, and cheerfully spread the word about their products and their countries.

I will be blogging about our discoveries at the food show as well as our jaunts around town. This trip we have plans to go outside of the city and shop and dine in places we have never been before !


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