Northampton Windows for Peace


This holiday season, Christmas and Hanukkah shoppers will discover that downtown Northampton is even more beautiful than ever. The trees are festooned with an abundance of white lights, and shop windows glitter with lovely gift giving ideas.

Additionally, nearly 40 shopkeepers, in conjuction with the Northampton Chamber of Commerce,  are participating in a downtown-wide holiday window display effort for peace .

Think of it this way – Give Peace a Glance ! Each participating shop has taken the theme of peace  and expressed it in a seasonal motif. A walking map of the windows is available from shops on Main Street, the Chamber of Commerce and of course, our store, Cooks Shop Here.  ( Just a hint…we have based our window theme on the riff in a familiar Cat Stevens song: Ride on the Peace Train.)  Make your holidays a little brighter and do the holiday stroll while shopping in downtown Northampton. For more information, visit

 This year is the 50th anniversary of the familiar peace symbol


which was originally used by the British nuclear disarmament movement and designed for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC). The symbol was adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmamant (CND) in Britain, and was eventually adopted by students and war protesters worldwide during the Vietnam era. The symbol was designed and completed February 21, 1958 by Gerald Holtom.


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