2008 James Beard Foundation Conference on Cuisine and Culture

This weekend, Friday and Saturday November 14th and 15th,
is the annual James Beard Foundation Conference. The topic this year is China –
Dumplings & Dynasties: The Evolution of Modern Chinese Cuisine.


I will be participating both days, representing the fascinating world of Chinese tea. On Friday, I am speaking on a panel titled: Liquid Culture, and on Saturday, I will be conducting a lengthy Chinese tea tasting at the Astor Center in NYC.

It promises to be a wonderful conference – other notable presenters include authors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, Fuchsia Dunlop, Nina Simonds, Grace Young; Saveur magazine Editor-in-Chief James Oseland; restaurateurs Margaret Kuo, Anita Lo, Shuliang Cheng; historians Sidney Mintz, Andrew Coe, as well as many other experts.

This conference consists of presentations, panels, and discussions with experts from around the world on a wide range of Chinese food topics, from its historical roots and regional variations to its evolution and translation around the world.

Hope to see you there ! For more information, visit: http://jamesbeard.org/?q=node/354


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