TeaTrekker.com – our new website

Those who know us know that we have fallen down the rabbit hole into tea nirvana and have yet to return.

What is she saying, you ask ?

Just that we are mad for tea and all of the accoutrements of tea culture that accompany tea to the global tea table.

Accordingly, so as not to overwhelm our present website www.CooksShopHere.com with tea information, we have just launched our tea-only website, www.TeaTrekker.com. The evocative artwork featured at the top of this post is our logo/graphic that you will see when you visit the site. It was created for us by our friend and visionary Chinese artist      Q Holmes.

Tea trekker will allow us to delve into the fascinating world of tea to our hearts content and provide in-depth coverage and conversation about tea and tea culture like no one else. And we hope to reach all of the tea enthusiasts out there and bring them to our global tea table.

In addition to selling hand-selected, traditionally-made artisan tea at very reasonal prices, we have some great plans to develop this website into something unique for tea enthusiasts. We see this website as an opportunity to further continue the conversation we began in our book, The Story of Tea.

We believe that a global perspective on tea is missing from much of the tea information being bandied about the internet. And good, solid educational information, as well. Accordingly, www.TeaTrekker.com  will bring a global voice to tea and tea culture by featuring input and thoughts on tea from many different members of the tea community. We will post articles and stories contributed by tea colleagues all over the world, including other American tea vendors with a story to tell.

So, please tell all of your tea loving friends to bookmark our website and visit us often as new information will be posted regularly. Tea trekker is a baby now, but it will grow and change fast, just like tea bushes do.

And, for our customers who only order tea, we are happily able to offer you lower shipping costs on www.TeaTrekker.com.

Same tea, same reliable, quick service… just cheaper.

Wow…… we are not hearing much of that these days, are we ?


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