Goodbye to Hong Kong; Hello Taiwan

good luck gold ingots

Today we are leaving Hong Kong for our tea trek thru the neighboring island of Taiwan. Our time here has been too short and somewhat frustrating – rain, rain, rain. In fact, there is so much rain in parts of southern China that people are being evacuated as mudslides are endangering roads and houses. Some regions of the New Territories outside of Hong Kong are closed to travelers and residents of these areas are clamoring to stay despite being told to evacuate.

There is also devastating rain in Sichuan, adding more problems to the earthquake misery. Reuters News reported an earthquake in northern Japan. Ten years ago there was an earthquake in the central region of Taiwan, where we are headed. On many occasions something major has happened while we are traveling – the Chernobyl nuclear diseaster, 9/11, etc etc. Let’s hope not this time.

We accomplished much of what we set out to do in Hong Kong- visit tea shops and continue our tea education. But other things on our ‘to do’ list vanished like the sun. Next time.

cat nap


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