Everest Tea

Two years ago we met Mr. Son Gauchan, a tea grower from Nepal, and had the opportunity to taste his hand-rolled, orthodox black tea named Everest Tea. Grown at an elevation of nearly 6,000 feet in tea gardens that lie south of the hallowed terrain of lofty Mt. Everest, this tea has a worthy pedigree that few teas can claim.

When he held out a handful of these tea leaves for us to examine, we were immediately seduced by the appearance of his tea. The leaves were extremely long and very fine and ever so slightly twisted. This tea was clearly in a class by itself – as big fans of Nepal tea we immediately knew that we were looking at a finished tea that was in a class of its own.

This tea was stylish and beautiful – a sign of careful plucking, controlled manufacture and gentle handling. But our Chinese tea mentors have always warned us to not fall under the spell of a pretty face, or in this case, a pretty tea. So we asked to have a taste.

It’s hard for us to hide our feelings about tea when we cup it – especially when the tea proves to be as good as or better than we hoped. The Everest Tea did not disappoint, and in fact, it proved to have the classic expression of flavor one expects from the influence of high altitude and slow maturation that is the mark of terroir for tea grown in the thin, rarified air of the majestic Himalaya.

Needless to say, this year, after meeting Mr. Gauchon again and tasting his Everest Tea once more, we took the plunge and ordered a batch of his tea to be sent directly to us. We are thrilled to say that this tea has just arrived, and we are proud to be able to offer you this world class tea from the ‘rooftop of the world’.

Often compared to a fine Darjeeling tea from the neighboring Darjeeling tea region in West Bengal, India, Nepal black teas are  prized for their consistently good, easy-to-drink flavor. Our Everest Tea possesses a distinctive, clean, slightly spicy, fresh flavor that is singularly quite appealing. This tea has not been given a hard oxidation, so the aroma is pure, direct and stunningly fresh.

Please visit us at www.CooksShopHere.com and follow the link on our homepage to Everest Tea. This tea is one of the must have tea gifts of the upcoming Holiday Season for those who have been very, very good.


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